How to read newspapers for students

 How should a student read the newspaper?

Newspapers and news play an important role in the development of education in any country. Using news, students are practically learning new things through books. As the students have to learn about the disadvantages and advantages of anything in college and school, the teacher can explain the children well by displaying the requested material from the newspapers. In this way they can tell the students how presentation affects society and real life.

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The squeeze of any news paper is its editorial page. If you read the news paper and leave the editorial page, then reading all your news paper becomes useless and if you read only the editorial page except the whole news paper, then believe that you would know the most important news of that news paper. Is.

Our experience is that 30 percent questions of competitive exams are related to daily news, directly or indirectly.

Apart from students, scientists, analysts, teachers, and other important people read the editorial page, then you can imagine how important this page is to you.

Apart from this, country-abroad, business, career, sports and main page can be useful for you. No need to look at other pages at all. In total, spend only 45 minutes in reading the newspaper.

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