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The creation of the God - this World 

When God created the universe, he first created the earth, then built 'mountains with high peaks on the earth and then made the imagination of the seas hitting the land somewhere, then made the little creatures not visible with eyes. And then made animals who roared the sky with their roar.

The first Man's birth in the world 

But one day God came to mind that there should be someone to consume such a beautiful creation? Then "man" was born.

The first Man's birth in the world

The first man was very happy, but one day he saw a Komalangi creeper wrapped by the hard trunk of the tree, from then on he started feeling the feeling of being alone.

The first woman's birth in this world 

The first man went to God and said, "Lord, I do not feel any lack on earth made by you, but still there is no joy in my life, so I have no desire to live." God understood the meaning of what he said and then created a "woman" to fill the juice of a man's lonely life.

Woman was a divine gift to the man. The man was fascinated by the look and feel of the woman, on her smile, on her style, then slowly the man got entangled in the woman's body language.

But after a few days, one day he again came to God with the woman and said, "O God! Woman is the effigy of eternal desires. I find myself unable to fulfill its wishes. Sometimes it wishes for special forest flowers for make-up, sometimes it can get angry with new cut-cloth. Sometimes I get ridiculed. Whereas before it was so sure and happy. So you take it back. " 

God smiled and called the woman back to herself. But at the interval of a few days, the man again appeared before God and started apologizing and said, "O God, I have forgotten. No matter how obstinate and impatient the woman is, but I found her life to be purposeful. Now that juice of life, joy has all dissolved. Therefore, please return the woman to me."

This was a prerequisite for God, but this time he also said, "Now you will not be able to return it!" Despite millions of shortcomings, both of you should always remain together. "

Since then, there are mutual differences between women, and men and women live together in God's created creation and both have equal mind, equal confidence, equal ability. This is the reason why many women today have reached that point, where success kisses their steps.

Reena Shah is a living example of this, who has brought a new revolution in the world of accessories. Because purse, bags made by Reena 

Reena shah life biography
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And designer shoes are getting much praise in the international market today.

She has been recognized as a famous accessory designer in fashion capitals of India and abroad. But Reena, who chose an extraordinary field as a career, did not get success overnight, but rather her hard work and struggle is hidden behind it!

In today's competitive era, the introduction of a product may be easy, but it is not easy to maintain its usefulness and superiority. Thirty-year-old Reena Shah, who lives in Mumbai, tried her hand at this new area with a capital of just ten thousand rupees and waved a flag of success in just eight years.

He has made a mark in the world of designer shoes and purses in New York, Paris, London, Milan, Dubai, etc. by launching the "Reynaldi label" broad.

When asked Reena Shah the secret of her success, she told, "Fashion means everyone by apparel, but fashion is not limited to just here, but other things along with the apparel, especially the slippers and purse personality. "I chose this profession."

Reena grew up in the whole family, but she has worked hard to make a place as an accessories designer.

Because they had to choose a field as a career which is extraordinary and which is not yet recognized. But it was not easy, but Reena did not give up and today Reena Shah is doing business of crores.

You too can bring a new revolution in the world of business, but for this you have to think about your progress like Reena Shah, and find the mistakes made earlier in what you want to become, and how to correct the mistakes. The This also has to be considered.

All these things will have to be thought again. If you are ready to do all this, then you write those three mistakes in your mind, these are my mistakes. Because of which I have not been able to achieve success so far.

Because when you have to solve a difficult problem or think creatively, then you need a better connection.
The solution to any problem, that is, reaching a destination and thinking in a creative way is different from other thoughts, but for creative thinking, the direction in which your thoughts revolve, involves links between the parts of the thoughts, the movements of nerve cells and Are generated by the learning process.

And finding links between ideas is just like finding a better path in a map. You can start with a road that looks good on paper, but in reality you don't. Because with practice, you find the fastest and easiest way in the map.

Something similar happens with the thought process. Then through the process of learning, you ignore the elections that are taking you on the wrong path. But removing the links or links that seem good to see are in reality difficult and time consuming.

But by finding the link between ideas, you can make your thinking better and efficient.
But how much knowledge do you have about your particular area? How is your language held? How much melody is in your dialect? These are the scales of assessment that form the parameters of progress, impact, and success. Therefore, insist on adopting them and have faith in yourself.

It is true that your work dexterity, melody and smile can make you dear to everyone. So if you want to be successful in life, first of all you have to believe in yourself, when you have the belief that "I can do everything."

But even after that, if the mind is distracted, then look around you and then seriously contemplate what you have seen and understood- Then you will find that people who are around you and are successful in their field, their success, despite their simple personality, is still at its peak.

But such success comes only to those people, who have strong willpower and habit of working hard.

Therefore, you will get success only when you believe in yourself and try with honesty. It may be that you do not get success in a certain period of time. But despite efforts, there is never a success.

And self-confidence is such a unique force that a simple-looking person does extraordinary things. Your self-confidence is an indicator of your willpower and it will be achieved right away, it does not happen. For this, you have to bring down the following rules in your life: -

  • Beauty of the mind is priceless, so increase it. Meet with the happiest and use sweet language.
  • Staying stress-free is very important for every person. In a state of stress, you will feel frustrated and tired and then it will not be possible for you to take any important decision.

Shah Rukh Khan spoke in last year's superhit film, "Om Shanti Om".

"When you want to do something from the heart, then all the work
It takes an effort to introduce her to you. "

These lines enter your heart in exactly the same way
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