Best Motivational stories in english

 Best Motivational stories

Hello friends, in this article, we have shared some inspiring stories. Which will motivate you the most. As motivation is very important for getting success. So, read it and motivate with it.

Lata Mangeshkar's Story

Perhaps with this in mind, Tulsidas wrote: -

“गुरु संगति गुरु होइ सो लघु संगति लघु नाम।                          चार  पदारथ  में  गर्ने   नरक   द्वारहू   काम।।"

It means that a person becomes big by thinking big and by thinking small a person becomes small. That's why famous singer Lata Mangeshkar says,

"The key to my life is to be afraid of yourself and then ask yourself if our path is right? If your answer is yes, without thinking again go on and on."

This mantra was given to him by his father and Guru Sri Dinanath Mangeshkar and has been following this mantra till date.

Lata Mangeshkar's motivational Story
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If you also want to achieve increased success in life, then test yourself on your criteria.

Because only the inner strength of your deeds can be tested, and we call this power "conscience".

Most of you either consider yourself incompetent or become obsessed with yourself. But both self-respect and ego are hindrances in growth. While taking any task at hand, putting one's full strength builds confidence, only then does the conscience have the knowledge to question and answer, because it is up to you to teach yourself. No other person will stand on your head and tell you what to do and how to do it.

But this website will show you the way, but you and only you can understand that path, because you can instruct yourself that I have to follow the principles given in this website.

And then you can evaluate your progress. When this quality comes, then you can achieve maximum success in a few days.

 "Riding on the chariot of hope, the fun of setting a destination with a new zeal is something else because nothing is gained by losing in the darkness of despair -!"

Story of three friends

I remember one incident, once three friends felt that they had great potential to become spies. He applied to the "Red Alert Detective Company" based in Delhi and then he was called for an interview.

The interviewer showed the first friend a photo for five seconds and asked, "This is a criminal, if you find it somewhere, how will you recognize it?"

The first friend said without blinking, "It's very easy." It has only one eye. "The interviewer suppressed his anger, saying," This is not a one-eyed criminal, but it has two eyes and this is its side profile, due to which only one eye is visible is."

Motivating Story of three friends

Now another friend was called and he was shown the same picture and asked the same question. He also promptly replied, "I will recognize this criminal immediately, because it has only one ear." Interviewers

His anger became more intensified and then said, "You are both faceless, you don't even understand that I am showing you the side profile."

Now it was the turn of the third friend. He was also shown the same picture. He thought highly, then said, "I will recognize it because it has a contact lens. The asker was shocked, because he did not even know this. He looked at his record, and found that the answer is correct. He told the third friend Congratulated him for thinking and then expressed curiosity and asked, "But how did you know that this criminal has a contact lens?" And how can he put on glasses if there is no ear? "

There is a lot hidden in this story. The third friend's answer was correct but he did not get the job, because he quickly said everything that his two friends had repeated. But if he would just say "I am saying this from my experience - 1"

Then he must have got a job, but his luck betrayed him. But does luck achieve everything? Is this a matter of thinking? But can a person achieve the goal by luck?

Psychological Research Wiseman conducted an experiment on luck to find out its scientific validity. He thought that the best way to know this is to find out why some people are more fortunate and people prove to be unfortunate-?

He advertised in newspapers and magazines and asked people who considered themselves lucky and who did not? Different People of all walks and ages contacted him.

Through his interactions and experiences he learned that lucky people make their fortune based on these four principles: -

  • They are skilled in preparing and identifying opportunities.
  • They make fortunate decisions based on experiences.
  • Motivates themselves through positive expectations.
  • Adopts rules in life that turn their misfortune into good luck.

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