Try to make yourself famous in the world

 Try to make yourself popular

When Delhi came to find a job after engineering, my dream was to become a purchase officer in a good company.

Thinking this, I went to interview an company, but the day before I arrived, that company put another person on the post of purchase officer. But keeping in mind my feelings, the director of that company told me, "Now we have only the draftman's post left, can you do it?"

Try to make yourself popular in this world

I said, "Why not! I want a job, so I must work." The director looked at me and said, "Okay! You can join our company after three days."

I arrived at work three days later as promised.

But when he saw my way of working, he was surprised and said, "You have done electrical engineering, then how do you make such a good drawing?"

I told them, "When you hired me as a draftsman, after that I bought the entire design material from the market and kept learning to draw at home, then I came to do it all."

The director warmly patted my back and said, "You have a lot of confidence in you, one day you will definitely get your destination."

And then a year later I was selected as a purchasing officer in a limited company. At the time of leaving the job, the director said, "A person becomes greater than his thoughts and he becomes what he thinks."

Believe in yourself to become successful

If you believe in yourself, then you can achieve success with the help of this belief. Can conquer the world. Can write a new history.

Because there is nothing mysterious in faith or belief. Faith works like this, "I believe that I can do this work-!" This gives you the strength, ability and energy, with which you can do that work and then when you are sure that you If you can do that work, then you also find the means to do that work.

Believe in yourself to become successful

There is a very old story, a curious one asked the villager, "Has a great man ever been born in your village?"

The villager said instinctively, "No! Here all children are born."

You too will laugh at this answer, and say that it is a joke. .

But that villager could not catch the true sense of the question of that curious person. But one thing becomes clear from the statement of the villager that in any village or city, no big man was born at any time. Because no matter how big a man is, he is born as an infant and at birth he is a child.

Just as every seed has the potential to become a huge tree, just like a big tree, to make that seed fertile earth, rain, sun,

Air is needed. In the same way, the child also needs a suitable environment, proper protection and good education for the development of his personality.

Often we get to hear a saying, “Smooth pat - with the promising Birwan!” This means that the childhood of great people only exposes their potential importance.

But there is no such rule that the signs of importance of every person should be revealed in childhood. There are also some personalities whose childhood is very simple, but they find such an environment that they reach a height they never imagined.

Some people have very strong determination. They keep repeating their resolutions in their mind, even in normal circumstances and then they become great from ordinary.

Some people who became famous

Many personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Raja Rammohan Roy, Swami Vivekananda, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Rabindranath Tagore, Chhatrapati Shivaji are in front of us who have established supremacy in their respective fields through deep loyalty, devotion and dedication towards their goals. But their mothers have had a big hand in their creation.

“Subjecting life to the rules achieves the goal quickly. Because the law grinds all evil and molds you into a mold, where the positive is visible! "

It is true that qualified mothers succeed in making their ordinary children great as well. One such true incident is of Ravi living in Jaipur, when his mother sent him to school when he was young. But the teachers declared him unqualified and dull and then expelled him from school. Again

He sent a letter to Ravi's mother , "Your child is not readable."

Mother's heart was filled with compassion for a moment. But in the second moment she said with confidence, "Who says that my Ravi is a fool?" I will study it. "From the same day, Ravi's mother set a goal and then Ravi started coming first in his class.

The better ways you can do your work, the better it is. But if you do the same work with pleasure, you will surely get success-!"

How to become a successful person

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