Importance of self confidence in our life

Motivating Story of a fool merchant

Very famous story. A poor farmer was riding his donkey and going somewhere. On the way he saw a big shiny stone. The farmer picked him up and tied him in the neck of his donkey. Coming from the other side, when a businessman riding a camel saw this view, he went to the square. Because what the farmer thought was a stone, it was a precious diamond.

Motivating Story of a fool merchant

The businessman understood that the farmer is not aware of this and said to the farmer, "Will you sell this stone to me?"

The farmer said, "Okay, give one rupee."

If you want to become rich man then only do this….

Keep the mind cool, keep the pockets warm, be ashamed of your eyes, keep your tongue soft, have mercy in your heart, then all the wealth of the world will be in your footsteps.

 The businessman cleverly said, "One rupee of this stone is too much, I will give you a hard time."

The farmer did not agree and moved on. The businessman thought that the farmer would just come back and sell me the diamond. Who else will get a buyer in this deserted desert? But luck accepted something else. At some distance another merchant stopped the farmer and told him that it is not a stone and Rs. 1,000 gave away the diamond.

"Failure is a contagious disease whose germs enter the body as soon as you join hands, so avoid shaking hands with unsuccessful people!"

By then the first merchant had also returned and said to the farmer, "Come on, what will you remember! Take the whole one rupee and give me the stone."

But when the farmer told him the whole story, the merchant patted his head and said angrily, "Stupid, you sold a diamond worth a million rupees for 1,000."

The farmer said, "Come on, I was an idiot, but even if you were a connoisseur, you were giving a string of diamonds, now what do I understand you?"

Importance of self confidence for success

This shows that the trader lacked confidence, so he could not take a quick decision. But you don't want to do that? Because faith is the only power that can shake the ground, tilt the sky, and not knowing how many impossible tasks have become possible only because they had deep confidence in their doers.

With the help of this confidence, how many inventions have been done in the world till now. Therefore we can say that the foundation of success rests on the power of confidence. That is why, while asserting confidence, Emerson has said, "We ourselves set the boundaries of our success."

But you do not have to set your limits and it is also absolutely true that the more faith a man has over himself, the closer the goal is to him. That is why some people are seen to be making rapid progress. Which is why they have a lot of confidence in them.

Importance of self confidence for success

The third battle of Panipat is the story of this confidence, it is said that the fire of that war was so strong that no house was left which had not offered its sacrifice in this yagya. It is still narrated in folk songs there that the bangles were broken in every house then. So you have to maintain your confidence in every situation.

"Humility makes a man great and hard work makes a man rich because hard work and the ratio of fate is 70 and 30! "

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