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 Do You Want To Be Rich Man ....?

Do you dream of becoming a big man? If your answer is 'yes', then only you read this article, because the man who dreams big, he Can become big. But you have to decide how big a dreaming is? But never let anyone steal your dream. Always listen to your heart, regardless of its outcome.

Do You Want To Be Rich Man ....?

A Short Story That My Uncle Always Told

I remember a short story my uncle often told me. A young boy, the son of a poor family, his father was a clerk in a government hospital.

Because of which the boy's schools kept changing. But when he reached the senior class, he was asked to write a dissertation. The subject of which was, "What do they want to become and do ?"

That day the boy wrote a seven-page essay, in which he said that his goal is to become a doctor and build a very large private hospital, which will have the world's modern medical equipment. At the same time he wrote his dream in full detail and also drew a picture of a 200-acre hospital, in which he drew a drawing of all the buildings, the operation theater and the emergency ward Created. Then drew a detailed plan of staff quarts, which he wanted to build with the hospital itself. He kept his heart open in that essay, then gave that essay to his teacher. 

Dream of making a big hospital

But his teacher gave him his essay two days later. On whose front page a big red F (Fail) was made and Underneath it was written, "Meet me after class."

The dreamer went to meet the teacher after class and asked, "Why did you fail me?"

The teacher said carelessly, "This is a dreamy dream that you have written in the essay, because it requires a lot of money to build such a large hospital and you belong to a poor family, and you don't have the resources of such a lot money. You cannot do this work under any condition. If you rewrite this essay and make a realistic goal, then I am ready to consider your grade." The boy went home and thought about it for a long time. After a week of deliberation, the boy gave the teacher the same essay and said, "You maintain your "F" grade and I will keep my dream."

Twenty years later, the teacher received an invitation to inaugurate a hospital. When the inauguration was over, a person came and touched the teacher's feet. This person was the same young child, who was given an 'F' grade by the teacher on the essay, which was named in the world of doctors.

But this miracle happened due to his positive thinking. Now you too have to make your dreams come true. Because this word made of letters tells you a lot: -


P  :    Patience
O  :   Optimistic
S   :   Satisfaction
I   :   Inspiration
T  :   Target
I   :    Ideal
V  :   Victor
E  :   Easy
We should always be positive at every stage of our life


That means be patient. Because patience is the biggest key to success. If you have patience, it is natural that you can never have negative thoughts in your mind. Crying for things like "I didn't get this opportunity", "I wish my child would have been faster in studies-?", "Husband has lost his job now," nothing can be achieved. If you will be patient at such a turn and find a way to deal with the circumstances, then only you can get away from that anxiety.


That is, be optimistic. Because only hope leads you to the ladder of success. Despair fills you with frustrations. "Why can't I-?", "This time I will have the opportunity-", "Keep thinking like this. Don't think that my luck is not good", "The whole world is in trouble with me." Once you become optimistic, you will see that all your problems will go away automatically.


That is, keep satisfaction and satisfaction. Because the moment you create a feeling of satisfaction in you, from that moment you will start thinking positively and you will be saved from unnecessary stress. Whatever you have got, be satisfied in whatever you have got. "Santosham Paramasukham" says nothing more than satisfaction, so says well-known psychiatrist Prabhakar Pandey, "Santhosh is the only cure to avoid depression."


That is to take inspiration. It is true that everyone is inspired by someone in their life. But take inspiration from such people, who know to live life happily and happily. There are some good things inside every person. If a person is organized, someone is patient, someone thinks positively, then someone is aware. Inspired by those qualities, you can also create positive feelings within yourself.


That is the goal. Because if your goal will be set, then you will not have to face disappointment or pauperism. What work do you have to do-?, When to begin-?, Where to begin-?, It is necessary to determine. It is also necessary to keep their options ready. If the goal is clear, it becomes easier to achieve. It should not be thought that "If I do not become an engineer, I will become a doctor or else I will choose the line of music and if I do not become one, I will live a similar life."


That is, be ideal. Make your personality so that others consider you as their ideal. When you keep your mind balance even in difficult situations, then there will be happiness everywhere. Think, why do you consider your father or mother or guru as your ideal? There will definitely be some such qualities in them, which will impress you, so why don't you also become the role model of others.


That means be the winner. Make your goal to be a winner, but do not be disappointed if success is not achieved, then go for it again with double enthusiasm. Victory and defeat go on in life. Do not sit discouraged when you are defeated, explain yourself, say again and again, "We will succeed one day."


That means be comfortable and easy. People who live a comfortable life never have negative thoughts. Live better in reality than live a simulated life. You will never have to face any problem with this. It is important to have ease from home to family to professional life. Discomfort not only obstructs your path of success, but others get upset by this behavior.

Conclusion Of Patience

It is the secret of positive thinking and works as a panacea in thinking. Those who follow these things only become big. By reading this article of yours it proves that you also want to become a big man. You want to realize the goal of your life. You want to achieve what you dream of. That is why you are looking at this website so far and you are searching for the necessary tools to reach your goals. This is a unique quality in you, due to which this amazing website could come in your eyes. Because this website is a repository of tools that will repair your personality, awaken the hidden talents within you, instill confidence in you and make you think big.

Thinking level of Mind

The mind works on three levels: conscious, subconscious and unconscious and everything is possible through mind. That's why successful people subdue the mind and beat the odds, they fly in the sky, but never leave the field and see failure as an event, because they know that success comes from hard work and perseverance, not luck. This is the basic principle to achieve their success.

That's why you too think bigger than today. Then you will think as you think in your mind. Because the mind is your control panel that controls all the cells of the body, controls them. Therefore, immediately instruct your brain to think big and then see how your luck changes.

  • Then you will experience great pleasures.
  •  Then your income will be large. 
  • Then your friends will grow up.
  • Then your height in the world will grow.

Is this what you want? If "yes" then don't delay, start now and know how you can instruct your brain to think big-? Because Dhirubhai Ambani said, "Think big! Think fast! And convert it into reality, only then you can become a big man like me."


From this article you can learn how to earn more money-? How to grow your business? How to get a better job? How can stiff competition be faced? How can thinking be enlarged? How can dreams be turned into reality? How can live a happy life? But to achieve success, you have to overcome your inner fear. You have to dream big. Your body will have to get used to hard work. Have to think like leaders.

If you are ready to do all this. Then start reading further. Because in the next article it has been told how to make your thinking bigger and touch the heights of success.

Do you really want to get success in your life? If , yes you are at the right place. Full form of position for getting success with inspiring story.

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