Power of strong willpower - its role in our success - Story of shilpa

 Story of shilpa based on strong Willpower

The story of eleven year old Shilpa living in Meerut is very interesting. She had a serious illness that affected her nervous system, then she could not walk. After this, he also started having other problems. The doctors did not expect him to recover at all. And Shilpa thought that she would remain in a wheelchair all her life, because doctors said that very few people lead a normal life after this disease.

But despite that the little girl did not lose courage. Laying on her bed in the hospital, she used to tell every person that she would show up with her feet one day.

The past that has passed has passed, so never look back. Because looking back, the path to success is prolonged!

He was sent to a special hospital in Paratapur. Many medical methods were tried to cure his illness. But the doctors were very impressed by his courage. He taught her about the power of imagination and suggested that she see herself walking. At the behest of the doctors, Shilpa started lying down and did physical exercises, but she used to work harder to imagine that she was shaking.

One day when she was imagining with all her strength that her legs were shaking, it felt like a miracle happened, because then the bed was moving and then she moved to the other end of the room and screamed, "Look ! I can move, I can walk, I can do everything. Look, I'm walking. "

Story of shilpa based on strong Willpower

At that time, every man present in the hospital was watching him and was running to save himself. Because that girl shook the hospital in happiness. People were screaming, stuff was falling and glass was breaking. Then it seemed as if there was an earthquake in the hospital.

A few years after this incident, she started walking on her feet and went to school. There were no crutches, no wheelchairs, then I felt that Shilpa could shake the whole earth with her imagination.

Learn to give in life, but forget to take.

Never give by giving, never persecute for taking.

Speak less, speak slowly, but speak accurately.

Think fast, think well, but think of something big.

Listen more, listen to everyone, but do it of mind.

Like Shilpa, you too have to move the earth and uphold your faith and say with pride that "Until I move the earth, I will stick to my goal." This book will tell you how and when you are courageous And risky steps have to be taken, because big people become those who have the habit of taking determination. So once again think that you have to succeed.

Those who are frustrated with failures are cowardly, because failures are the way to achieve success!

Those who are frustrated with failures are cowardly, because failures are the way to achieve success!

 Awake the power of self confidence

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