Learn a good lesson by your competitors with the help of a story

Learn a good lesson with the Story 

Once a person asked Brahma ji, "I always want to progress, I want happiness and peace, please tell me what should I do?"

Brahma handed him two bundles and said, "Your neighbor's evils are in a bundle." Put it on the back and do not open it even by mistake, do not see, nor show it to others and you have faults in the other bundle. Hang it on the chest in front and keep watching it repeatedly. "

But mistakenly he caught his neighbor with a bundle of evils on his chest and left his mouth open, then he kept looking at it all the way and showed it to others. Due to which he reached the path of collapse.

So keep learning something from others and move on, because it is the key to success in life. Take it out in your life. This will continuously improve your life.

Even in the Vedas, man is said to be the best creation of God. This is not because the human body is beautiful and wonderful than other beings, but because only man has the power to think and with the help of thought, man can give a lot to this earth. And by harnessing the power of thought, one can become happy. And with material prosperity, he can become intellectually and spiritually complete.

Veda said that make the best of your life with the best of your best and earn such power, that you can become big-? "

But when you start any work, you add some more stress to your life. So ask yourself, "What is the meaning of my life in the true sense?" Hold your life until you get a positive answer and when you get the right answer? Then you will start hearing your soul voice clearly.

My experience says that you are not just responsible for your life but your best performance determines where you are going to reach.

Who is responsible for your life 

To explain this fact I tell you a short story. Once a bird thought of doing something different and came out towards the poles in the fierce winter. On the way, she could not bear the cold and her wings began to flutter.

Gradually, a layer of ice froze over her entire body and she fell unconscious from the cold to the ground. Then a horse passed by and dropped a lot of his bait on it. The warmth of the fodder made the bird conscious and saved her life. Then she started chirping happily. At the same time a cat passed by there. He heard the sound of a bird coming from under the bait on the road and removed the bait and ate the bird in one go.

Can you tell what secret is hidden in this story? If not, then we tell: -

  • Always make your goal according to your ability.
  • If you suddenly feel burdened, then your friend is not necessarily the one to help.
  • The person who frees you from the burden, does not necessarily want your well.
  • If you are among idiots like straw (fodder), then you avoid them.
If you take all these things into consideration, then your mindset will definitely change and you will always stay on your target. Then in the end the victory will be yours.

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